About Us

FLUSH provides disposable, premium bamboo bathroom tissue and paper household products. Our eco-conscious bamboo toilet paper is made with a modern twist - it is sustainable and functional; soft, durable, and safe while being completely biodegradable and easy to implement in our daily lives.

Our Founder

When traveling, I noticed several eco-friendly practices that were effortlessly implemented in many of the communities I visited that were not yet fully understood nor appreciated by other nations: plastic-free islands in the Philippines, the no drill-zone and no-take zones in Australia created around the Great Barrier Reef, and Sustainable and Climate Crisis education policies in Italy. 

Drawing inspiration from my travels, I decided to implement simple, more sustainable choices in my everyday routine. I took it even further by implementing a recycling program for the corporation I was employed with at the time. 

Being eco-conscious is often perceived as being time-consuming and effortful; however, there are ways to make being eco-conscious hassle-free. Toilet paper is one of the many disposable household products used every day that could readily be made sustainable and efficiently implemented into our daily lives. It’s our goal to provide you with environmentally friendly products that fit easily into your daily routine, with minimal effort on your part.

Our Future

Our mission is to create a sustainable 
future through effortless eco-conscious decisions. 
 FLUSH stands for making simple everyday products, 
 that join in the fight against climate change
 We believe in making it effortless, yet with an impact in reducing one’s everyday 
carbon footprint.   

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