Why Bamboo?

Renewable Resource

Believe it or not, 27, 000 trees get cut down every day just so we can wipe our booty - not with bamboo! Bamboo’s naturally fast-growing ability makes bamboo farm cultivation a renewable resource. This means toilet paper can now be tree-free. Our bamboo toilet paper is made ethically from sustainably sourced FSC-certified bamboo farms in China. Bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world, is a grass that can grow up to 39 inches a day and harvested once a year!

Environmental Benefits

Bamboo consumes and produces 30% less water than other paper and lumber-producing trees. It also releases 30% more oxygen than other trees into our atmosphere. Therefore, the more bamboo we plant, the more fresh oxygen we have!

Naturally Strong

Bamboo is naturally soft, strong, and absorbent. For starters, it does not require pesticides or fertilizers, its healthy growth makes it naturally soft. The molecular structure of bamboo makes it fundamentally strong, and the properties of its fibres make it incredibly absorbing. Bamboo is truly a miraculous plant!


By using bamboo pulp, recycled, and recyclable products throughout, we create a more sustainable practice.

With less water consumption at cultivation and production than other toilet papers, our chemical-free rolls mean fewer chemicals are being ‘flushed’ back out too!

Our biodegradable, plastic-free, and carbon-neutral practices mean your small eco-conscious choices can create a significant impact in reducing your carbon footprint.

FLUSH with pride!

Trees Saved
Materials Recycled
Tonnes Carbon Offset